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Black Butler (黒執事 Kuroshitsuji) is a manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. Since its debut on September 16, 2006, it has been serialized in Square Enix's shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy. The series follows Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler who is bound by a supernatural contract to serve Ciel Phantomhive, the twelve-year-old head of the Phantomhive noble family and the business-savvy owner of the Funtom company, a toy manufacturer. In return, when Ciel has finished all of his tasks, including avenging his parents' deaths, Sebastian will be allowed to kill him and consume his soul. It was announced in July 2008 that an anime adaption, directed by Shinohara Toshiya and produced by A-1 Pictures, was expected. It premiered in October 2008, and has since ended with 24 episodes. The second season aired in 2010 spanning 12 episodes with two new main characters, Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus. The series has been licensed by Yen Press in North America and published in Yen Plus' August 2009 issue for the magazine's first anniversary.

Featured Anime Protagonist

Endou Mamoru (円堂守 Mark Evans) is one of the main characters in the Inazuma Eleven universe. He's a goalkeeper, a libero and the captain of Raimon and Inazuma Japan in the Inazuma Eleven series. He was the coach of Raimon in the Inazuma Eleven GO series. Endou is described as a soccer lover, cheerful goalkeeper. He is the type of person who never gives up and always thinks of others before himself. He also shows great admiration toward his grandfather, Daisuke, and studies the technique notebooks that he wrote many years ago. People around him call him a soccer freak due to his love of soccer. Even Coach Hibiki once said that for Endou, the best compliment would be: the biggest soccer freak in the universe.

Featured Anime Antagonist

Aizen Sosuke is one of the antagonists in Bleach. Sōsuke Aizen (藍染 惣右介, Aizen Sōsuke) is the former captain of the 5th Division in the Gotei 13; he later leaves Soul Society with his followers, Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tōsen. His lieutenant was Momo Hinamori. He was the main antagonist from the start of the series to the conclusion of the Hueco Mundo arc. Despite his current villainous status and former position of authority, Aizen is a surprisingly polite, soft-spoken intellectual, often addressing his subordinates by their given names. He rarely shows any sign of alarm or distress and often has entire situations planned out well in advance. Whenever confronted, Aizen is casual and uncaring, attempting to draw out a conversation and make small talk, which often infuriates the one he is talking to.

Featured Anime Sidekick

He is a 1st grade Armed Librarian, and one of the five strongest armed librarians. He usually wears a black suit and a black top hat. He is a calm person and always known by people as a liar. He used to have a relationship with Hamyuts, however, Mattalast has many ladies with him, too.

His main weapon is firearms. He bears a pistol and a rifle, which is as powerful as a tank cannon.

His magic ability is to foresee a short-period of time in the future, which he can use to predict the action of the enemy and begin to attack or evade.

Featured Anime Sequel: Inazuma Eleven Go

250px-Inazuma eleven go movie

Inazuma Eleven GO (監督鬼道の不安) is currently running on.

Avatar Destacado

200px|center|link=Caballero Santo Arturo Caballero Santo Arturo (聖騎士アーサー en japonés) es la fusión de los avatares de Shuu y Hakuryuu; Dios De La Oscuridad Éxodo Oscuro y Bestia Sagrada Dragón Destellante. Es un avatar exclusivo de la película, Inazuma Eleven GO: El Grifo del Lazo Final.

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